Holy new computer Batman!

Computer Troubles

So, with all the computer explosions and other shenanigans, I have been taken out of action recently.

All fixed!

I have an entirely new computer for myself and my wife now has my old pc with a bunch of upgraded parts.  I built them up, installed all relevant software and they are now working perfectly.

Gaming Troubles

  • League of Legends

I am currently on a massive losing streak in League of Legends at the moment.  I keep getting lumped with horrible team-mates that think they are awesome when in fact they are actually pretty bad.

I have been playing a fair bit of Sion, the stun with such a short cooldown is just too good if you have a good team, it is also helpful for ganking squishies like Ashe/Teemo/Miss Fortune.  I mainly play him as AD/Crit Chance which is so much fun.  Going a full AP build is not as much fun but it is a sight to kill an Ashe with just my rotation of stun and explosion in about 1 second flat.

  • Rift

This game is a disappointment.

I know it is still in beta and there is still a lot of work to be done but for crying out loud, how hard is it to create smooth gameplay?  There are so many bugs but that is another story.

When I am playing my ranger, I use a few different shots, none of them seem to have an animation because the combat is so broken that it just doesn’t play most of the time.

It is so incredibly easy, I have never felt that a quest is hard or that any of the rifts pose any great danger.  Sure, I have died a few times but that was because I was stupid or something spawned on top of me while I was fighting something else (another horribly annoying thing).

The rifts are meant to provide ‘dynamic content’ but in actual fact can be quite annoying.  It is just a dps e-peen showoff to see who can top the kill list for the rift and get the better loot.  While this helps promote people actually fighting in the open rifts, it just seems like a shallow excuse for dynamic content in my opinion.  Im not sure if it can be called dynamic when the same rift opens in the exact same spot 4 times in an hour session.

One of the saving graces for this game is the character classes.  I do like being able to have a lot of customization in how I play my character.  Currently I am a ranger/bard, with bard leveled up to the first major buff that you can get and ranger for the rest.  Also the character models are pretty sweet, except the dwarf models, they just look weird.

The main thing that breaks this game for me is that i have played this game before.  Everything in this game has been done in other games in some form or another, there is nothing new here and most of the old stuff seems broken anyway.  The whole time I am playing this game all I can think of is that I could be having just as much fun playing World of Warcraft or LOTRO and having a much smoother and much much more polished experience.

Time will tell if this game gets any better by its release but I don’t have my hopes up.  I think the designers are deluding themselves if they think that what they have in their rifts system is ‘dynamic content’.

  • Grand Theft Auto IV

Man this game is good IF you play it on the PS3 or Xbox.  The PC version of the game plays fine on my new computer but it ran like a fly in molasses on my old computer.  It is so demanding on resources even after the patch that was supposed to fix all these issues, it did fix a lot of things, just not enough.

The multiplayer while tremendous fun if just broken, why can’t I just have an old fashioned server browser rather than this stupid crap where I have to open up my phone to play some multiplayer action?  Not to mention using GFWL is just plain stupid, that program is more broken than the remote control helicopter that I got for christmas and then flew into the ground at high speed.  It is simply broken.

  • Starcraft 2

I love this game, boy do I suck at it though.  I played a few multiplayer matches the other day and just got owned.  I think I will stick to watching gameplay videos on YouTube.

  • Darksiders

One of the worst ports to PC I have ever played, if you don’t have an xbox control for your PC don’t buy this.  If you have an Xbox or a PS3, buy it on that.  Simple.

  • Monday Night Combat

I have a lot of love for this game.  The server browser is broken though.  How hard is it to get a server browser that works?  Considering that this game is primarily multiplayer, having a working server browser would probably help.

  • Magicka

This game is great, I really enjoy it.  However.  The game’s release date was pushed back for the retail version of the game, though it was still released on steam.  Big mistake.  I played this a few hours after it released and it was so broken you could not get past the second room of the tutorial.  All the text was screwed up along with countless other bugs.  They patched all of this quite quickly and it all works fine now.  They really should have just delayed the steam launch as well.

Anyway, that is enough rambling for today.



Back to normality!

There have not been a lot of posts over the last few weeks as I have just been flat-out and have not really had the time to do much gaming at all.

Christmas was a blast and so was new-years.  That being said, I am glad that it is all over and I can now return to my normal routine of doing things.

Not a lot of World of Warcraft has been played lately, I have been playing a lot of the games that I have bought in the recent Steam sales.  Wow I have spent a lot of money.  In between playing the games from Steam I have been playing an aweful lot of League of Legends.  I recently started playing Sion with an attack damage build and I am really enjoying it.  I have been having a horrible losing streak of late though, bad luck getting teams with afk’ers/leaver’s or with people who simply do their own thing and don’t work with the team at all.  For example, I was in a game where we had a Xin that was more interested in getting buffs and killing the dragon than helping us defend, in the process we lost 2 towers and an inhibitor, then he has the nerve to call one of the other players a noob?!?!?!?!  It is people like this that make this game suck.

I love LoL and will probably play it for a long time to come but wasting 45 minutes on a game that you cannot win because not only do some of the players suck but will not surrender is depressing.  Considering just playing ranked games all the time.

List of steam games I have bought:

  • Darksiders – I have been interested in getting this since I saw a review on The Totally Rad Show.  I have not installed this yet, Steam has been really slow to download from while the sale is going.
  • Bethesda Pack – I mainly bought this pack for a digital version of Fallout 3 and for Fallout: New Vegas.  The pack was only slightly more expensive than New Vegas alone.
  • Company of Heroes games – I loved these games years ago.  I mainly bought these for nostalgia purposes but will still replay them when the time comes.
  • Mafia 2 – Loved the first game, second looks to be more of the same goodness.  Mmm Goodness.
  • Divinity 2 – Looks interesting and for $20, I think I will get my money’s worth.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 – Played the crap out of the first one.  Never really played the second game.  Looks a little dated but the gameplay still seems solid.
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 – Played the first one and despite some repetitiveness was still a good game.  This game is a whole lot more fun than the first so far.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – Played of lot of Modern Warfare 2 and was dissapointed that there were no dedicated servers.  This game is much of the same, gamplay is similar despite a few different guns and killstreaks.  Dedicated servers make this game much better though, shame the server browser is really poorly done.  Games that are 4 years old have a better server filter than in this game.

Of course, there has been a tremendous amount of Minecraft being played.  My friends and I have been playing the new survival multi-player and man it is so much fun playing together.  After playing the multi-player I can’t really play single player anymore, it just doesn’t seem as fun.

I have also been using DosBox to play some of the old GoldBox games.  The games are VERY dated now but are still a lot of fun.  I spent a lot of my youth playing these games and re-visiting them has been great fun.

I also plan on hooking into some video editing and getting some videos uploaded to YouTube on the various games that I have been playing.  I have some very old but good LoL stuff to upload.


Is F2P evil?

In short.  No.  Here are my thoughts why.

I am not a strong supporter of mmo titles going to a F2P model, I can see it going both ways.  It largely rests on how the individual companies implement it.  There are a lot of arguments in the community for and against going to the F2P model.

There have been notable successes with the model, LotRO and DDO have both become distictly more popular since transferring to the F2P model.  Whether this equates to more income, I do not know.  DDO has announced profit since going to F2P.

My personal opinion is that if it weren’t for LotRO (and DDO for that matter) going F2P, I would never have played them anywhere near as much as I have.  I have dropped money into the store in both games which I think is fair considering that I am having fun playing a game that they created.  It is only right to reward them in some way.

Now, consider this, the money that I dropped in their store would never have gone to them without the F2P model.  I am sure I am not the only one that has done this.  I have never lasted beyond the free time in either game when they were subscription based as I could not justify having yet another subscription on top of WoW and Eve Online.


No news is good news….right?

Not a lot of stuff to write about recently.  Every man and his dog has covered all the new Wow stuff that has come out.  Since there is no real news of note, I will just embellish on a few things that caught my attention.

World of Warcraft

  • My death knight in Wow is currently spec’d as 2-h frost (Mainly due to the fact that there are good 2-handers available at his level).  Boy does he do some damage now, I am doing some mega damage when killing machine comes up and I get a critting obliterate.  He is only level 67 at the moment, trying to level him to 80 by the time that Cataclysm comes out.
  • I am going to give up on my 80 Shaman.  I am just not feeling that any love is coming to this class.  I have play a shaman since launch and has been my first capped character in all iterations of the game (Vanilla, BC, Wrath).  Shaman of no matter what spec just seem to be crap.  They keep getting these radical changes (Ele shaman’s using lightning shield WTF!) so clearly even blizzard have no idea what to do with them either.  I think resto is pretty solid but I still prefer to heal as a druid or a priest.
  • I have been levelling a priest with some mates through instances, he is about level 46ish and his holy spec’d healing is very strong now.  I only ever run out of mana if we have some kind of disaster (huntards pulling other wandering packs, particularly in ZF).  Even if things go haywire, all that is required is a mana pot and I let my spirit based regen take care of the rest.  They have made it quite easy to heal the vanilla instances so far.  Going to try out discipline spec at some point to see how well that works with less than ample talent points.
  • My 71 mage is looking pretty lonely on a server all by himself.  Might bring him over to Khaz’Goroth at some point, he is quite fun to play.


  • The latest patch brought in a bunch of cool things.  Biomes are quite fun to deal with, I have a tree house built in a forest and an Ice Castle (built with snow blocks about 2 minutes walk away.  I have had a little play in the “Nether”.  I have died numerous times and lost a bunch of stuff in lava, speaking of lava I have fallen into some numerous times, one time in the same spot three times.  I had a base built down there with a minecart system but I deleted that would so I could try some new things (my world had biomes but because the chunks had already been loaded I had to walk a looooooong way to see any changes).
  • Had issues with one world I generated, found heaps of gold and coal but not a lot of iron and pretty much no diamond.  Deleted and re-generated, found diamond almost straight away.  Thats just the way minecraft rolls.

Eve Online

  • I haven’t played Eve for a long time, I have a great time in that game but I burn out pretty quickly.  I only have one real-life friend that plays it and he also doesn’t play it that often either.
  • There was a massive battle in Eve the other week.  There are plenty more bloggers better at explaining this than me.  Ardwulf did 2 posts here and here.  Syncaine also did a post here.  I think that it is fantastic that a ‘niche’ title can boast such a tremendous achievement.  Props to the team over at CCP for building such a stable and fantastically diverse game.

The game that is taking up most of my time recently is League of Legends.  I am well and truly hooked on this game.  I will make a post about it in the next few days.


Adventures of a baby troll

I have recently started up a baby troll hunter in Wow.  I never liked mana as a resource for the hunter class in the past.  I leveled a hunter to around level 63 in the past, but just got annoyed at changing aspects all the time.

I am now level 5 which happened quite fast since I have the heirloom chest and shoulders but I do take issue with a few small things.

Now that hunters start with a pet and also use focus instead of mana, I charged through the opening quests like a hot knife through butter, quicker even.  Not only can I not control the pet till I reach level 10 (the pet bar is not visable/usable) but I simply don’t need him.  Most of the mobs that I have encountered die before my pet even reaches them.

I know that Blizzard are trying to make the game more streamlined and easier to pick up for the newer players but I think they are holding new players hands just a little too much.  It is widely known that you can get from level 1 to level 80 in a fairly short time span especially since the inclusion of heirloom items.  If they go through all the old world content on this current easy mode setting and then attempt to do a heroic dungeon once they hit 80, I would imagine it would be quite a shock.  Even though most of the heroics are quite easy now since most of them have been nerfed, it is still a vast difference from solo quest grinding.  Perhaps this is why I struggle to find decent groups with my level 80 shaman.

Another thing that was slightly annoying was how much running I had to do in just the first 5 levels.  The current starting area for Orcs and Trolls is simply huge.  I think I spent more time running back and forth than I did actutally doing anything.  I know that the trolls are getting a new starting area in the Echo Isles in the expansion but I hope that they will be re-making the Orc starting area.

All in all, I am enjoying the new patch.  I only wish the expansion could get here quicker.


A new beginning…

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sighfigh and I have been playing games for about 20 years.

I enjoy writing and tend to be quite opinionated when it comes to games.  I have a tendancy to express my feelings to my friends and co-workers much to their disdain at times.  It is for these reasons that I have decided to start my own blog, here, I can voice my opinions and people can read them at their pleasure.

I don’t have any specific plan for this blog other than to write about the games that I am currently playing.

Feel free to check in on this blog from time to time, you might actually enjoy what you read.