Real life dramas and internet curiosities.

This is just a quick post.  I have had a lot of internet issues as well as a fair bit of RL stuff to deal with.  Stuff should be back on track shortly.


I’m back!

So I know it has been a loooooong time since I posted anything to this blog. My wife and I were made redundant at our workplace and were forced to move in with my parents for a while till we found somewhere else to live.

Skip forward to now and we are in a new town, my wife has a great job and I am still looking.

I did have an internet connection while I was away but it was barely good enough to play much of anything so I decided not to bother trying to come up with topics to talk about.

I have opened a new youtube channel that I will be posting some videos to. I am not very good at video editing but I look forward to learning.

I got into the Star Wars : The Old Republic weekend beta so I plan to get some video footage recorded over the weekend and put that up along with some commentary.

Keep an eye on this blog as things are about to get spicy!


Just keep swimming…

I have been reading about Rift a LOT lately.  Many of my favorite bloggers are playing it furiously.

I am really keen to try it out now that it is done with the beta stage and actually released.  I dislike starting a new mmo until a lot of the heat has died down.  Waiting for 45 minutes just to tag a quest mob on my crappy Australian connection is just down right depressing.

There seems to have been a lot of improvements to the game and I still believe it is one of the best class systems in the game.  Hopefully the end-game is still fun and interesting.  I don’t raid anymore, but games like WoW still have a tremendous amount of stuff to do once you hit the level cap.  I grind on my reputations and do some PVP while working on my professions.  Not to mention levelling new alts, which is just so damn fun in WoW at the moment, its hard to resist.

Sadly I don’t think that I will get to rift any time soon.  My wife and I are still being made redundant and we are still moving back to my old hometown to live with my parents until we work out where to go next.  My wife is a medical scientist and there is not a whole lot of demand for that position in Australia at the moment.  I am more of a jack-of-all-trades, I have had many different jobs but the main qualification I has is in IT.  Believe it or not but a small town of 15,000 people does not have a whole lot of IT work.

There is so much more to do before we move, I am still not sure when we are going.  As I am plowing through all the things I need to do I constantly hear Dory singing ‘Just keep swimming’.  I can’t wait till this is all over and I can just relax for a while and revel in the fact that I am back around friends and family when I move home.

That being said, I will still try to play some League of Legends and of course all my single-player games.

I will also try and keep posting here, I still have an internet connection, just not a very good one.


Redundant and gaming for the poor

No post for a while, turns out that the company I work for has lost it’s contract to the local hospital.  As a result, both my wife and I are being made redundant and are out of a job.  I will try to post here as much as I can but I will be quite busy for at least the next few months.

We are now in the process of packing everything up and moving 5 hours away to live with my parents until we find our feet again.  We have at least 2 months before we are booted which is a good time-frame to organize around.

My parents do have an internet connection but it is only 1.5 mbps so it is quite slow compared to what I am used to.  This connection will not be very good for online games when there will be 3 people wanting to use it at the same time.  While thinking about this new development I have come to the conclusion that I will probably have to cancel my subscriptions, at least for a while.  This means both my wife and I will not have WoW to fall back on all the time.

I am looking at this soon-to-be joblessness as a positive.  Not only will we be in a position to go wherever we want in regards to moving, we will also be able to catch up on all the single-player games that we have both bought in all the recent steam sales etc.

I personally have a massive list of games that I need to play.  A short list of the games I want to play follows.

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood (once it is released)
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops single player (never finished it, very close to the end)
  • Darksiders (horrible pc port of the game, may play it, doubt it)
  • Dawn of Discovery – Venice
  • Dead Space 1 & 2
  • Dragon Age 1 and possibly 2
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • GTA 4 (never actually finished it)
  • Just Cause 2
  • Mass Effect 2

Just a quick list of some of the games that I have either started and not finished or have not even begun to play.  Which leads me on to my next thought.

Is playing mmo games that take up so much of our time limiting what we can experience in other games?  I know personally that I loved what I played of some of the games mentioned above, they were great fun and had fantastic story.  I would be sure that I would go on to finish the game but inevitably we back to League of Legends or World of Warcraft because my rl mates wanted me to play.  I get that you experience the social aspect of mmo’s but is that worth missing all of these other wonderful games?

I also have a bunch of games on my Xbox 360 and my PS3 that I have also not finished.  Even more to play!



So I haven’t blogged a whole lot lately. My wife’s computer died a little while back and I have been spending a lot more time with her as she gets bored a lot. Worry not, I have ordered new parts and will be updating my PC at the same time.

The parts should be here sometime next week hopefully, then I will be back to normal posting.


Back to normality!

There have not been a lot of posts over the last few weeks as I have just been flat-out and have not really had the time to do much gaming at all.

Christmas was a blast and so was new-years.  That being said, I am glad that it is all over and I can now return to my normal routine of doing things.

Not a lot of World of Warcraft has been played lately, I have been playing a lot of the games that I have bought in the recent Steam sales.  Wow I have spent a lot of money.  In between playing the games from Steam I have been playing an aweful lot of League of Legends.  I recently started playing Sion with an attack damage build and I am really enjoying it.  I have been having a horrible losing streak of late though, bad luck getting teams with afk’ers/leaver’s or with people who simply do their own thing and don’t work with the team at all.  For example, I was in a game where we had a Xin that was more interested in getting buffs and killing the dragon than helping us defend, in the process we lost 2 towers and an inhibitor, then he has the nerve to call one of the other players a noob?!?!?!?!  It is people like this that make this game suck.

I love LoL and will probably play it for a long time to come but wasting 45 minutes on a game that you cannot win because not only do some of the players suck but will not surrender is depressing.  Considering just playing ranked games all the time.

List of steam games I have bought:

  • Darksiders – I have been interested in getting this since I saw a review on The Totally Rad Show.  I have not installed this yet, Steam has been really slow to download from while the sale is going.
  • Bethesda Pack – I mainly bought this pack for a digital version of Fallout 3 and for Fallout: New Vegas.  The pack was only slightly more expensive than New Vegas alone.
  • Company of Heroes games – I loved these games years ago.  I mainly bought these for nostalgia purposes but will still replay them when the time comes.
  • Mafia 2 – Loved the first game, second looks to be more of the same goodness.  Mmm Goodness.
  • Divinity 2 – Looks interesting and for $20, I think I will get my money’s worth.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 – Played the crap out of the first one.  Never really played the second game.  Looks a little dated but the gameplay still seems solid.
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 – Played the first one and despite some repetitiveness was still a good game.  This game is a whole lot more fun than the first so far.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – Played of lot of Modern Warfare 2 and was dissapointed that there were no dedicated servers.  This game is much of the same, gamplay is similar despite a few different guns and killstreaks.  Dedicated servers make this game much better though, shame the server browser is really poorly done.  Games that are 4 years old have a better server filter than in this game.

Of course, there has been a tremendous amount of Minecraft being played.  My friends and I have been playing the new survival multi-player and man it is so much fun playing together.  After playing the multi-player I can’t really play single player anymore, it just doesn’t seem as fun.

I have also been using DosBox to play some of the old GoldBox games.  The games are VERY dated now but are still a lot of fun.  I spent a lot of my youth playing these games and re-visiting them has been great fun.

I also plan on hooking into some video editing and getting some videos uploaded to YouTube on the various games that I have been playing.  I have some very old but good LoL stuff to upload.


A new beginning…

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sighfigh and I have been playing games for about 20 years.

I enjoy writing and tend to be quite opinionated when it comes to games.  I have a tendancy to express my feelings to my friends and co-workers much to their disdain at times.  It is for these reasons that I have decided to start my own blog, here, I can voice my opinions and people can read them at their pleasure.

I don’t have any specific plan for this blog other than to write about the games that I am currently playing.

Feel free to check in on this blog from time to time, you might actually enjoy what you read.