Are you kidding me!

I have to vent a little.

I now have 5 losses in a row in League of Legends, the first one was because of a useless teammate who ran whenever there was a fight.

The other 4 losses have been because of AFK/Leavers.  I am so sick of this.  In WoW if someone leaves the group, unless it is the tank it’s not a big deal, just get a random in.  In LoL it totally ruins the game.  Most of the time there is no way to win a game 4v5.  You simply don’t have enough champions to guard all the lanes at once.  I understand that some people may have EMERGENCY’S that they need to attend to but for the most part it is just dickish and deliberate behavior.

When you AFK or leave a game in LoL you aren’t just losing the game for yourself but ruining any chance that the rest of your side has.  Not to mention the fact that you can’t surrender a 5v5 game until 25 minutes in.  That means that you are wasting 100 minutes of peoples time at least.  I am not a particularly busy man but this is still 25 minutes that I could be having fun playing another match or another game.

This game makes me angry in ways that no other game does.  There is such dickish behavior in this game most of which is deliberate (Tanks taking kills from carries, people using their killsteal buttons even though they did not contribute at all to the fight.  Im looking at you Gangplank, Lux and Morgana).  Even people who hog minions in the lane.  I was once in a game when a person was raging because he had 4 minions and his lane partner had 53 which was more than the 2 champs in the middle lane had.  That is poor play and is for all intents and purposes crippling one of your team-mates.  If this is a champion that is an early/mid game champion you are basically making them useless for the entire game.

Think about how you play, be considerate of others and remember this is a TEAM game.  In real life if you acted like that you would be kicked from the team without hesitation, same in a workplace.


P.S – Sorry if this post is kind of all over the place, I am in a rush and pretty steamed.


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