WoW oh WoW!

I was away all last weekend so I did not have the time to write up another post.

World of Warcraft! The Cataclysm patch has come out and wow is there a lot of changes.  I have been playing it for a few days now and I still don’t know my way around Orgrimmar.  Just out of curiosity I made a new baby troll to check out the new troll area.  This is a very well designed area, nothing too fancy but it has a lot of variety and is damn fun to play.  I am tempted to create a baby orc to check out the orc starting area to see whether Blizzard bothered to fix up some of the issues that I mentioned in my post here.

With the introduction of Troll Druids I don’t have to watch a big hairy cow all the time.  The new forms look pretty damn sweet as well.  I would still roll a Tauran for a Paladin because, lets face it, everything is better than a Blood Elf.  In fact trolls can be everything except paladins, awesome for me considering that I will always roll a troll if I can.

I am only up to level 14 with my Warrior at the moment but I am really liking the way that quests are given out.  You have a few quests with a certain person and then he sends you onto the next person etc.  Not to mention that the quests so far have been quite varied and fun.  I can’t wait till I hit level 15 and start tanking some instances.

My mage that I have mentioned before is now level 73, nearly 74.  I am hoping that I will get him to 80 in the next week so that he is ready to rock and roll once Cata hits.  I spec’d into fire to check that out and while it was fun, it was nothing compared to arcane, I DESTROY things when I am in arcane spec.  Nothing lasts through 2 arcane blasts and barrage/missiles.

All in all, lots of fun and exploring to come, I am still not sure whether I will focus on the level 80-85 stuff or just keep leveling lower characters when the expansion hits.



One thought on “WoW oh WoW!

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