League of Legends is Legen….wait for it….dary!

In my past I played a lot of Warcraft 3 and when a custom scenario called Defence of the Ancients (DoTA for short) came out, I was blown away.  This scenario was fantastic, you controlled a hero instead of the base and minions like in the normal Warcraft 3 scenarios.  I played a LOT of this game.  It was addictive and there were so many different heroes to try out.

About a six months ago one of my friends encouraged me to try out League of Legends (LoL) saying that it was similar to DoTA but much better.  I was reluctant as I was kind of over DoTA, I didn’t really want to get pulled into another huge time-sink of a game.

I tried it out and I haven’t stopped playing it since.  I have a group of friends that I play with regularly allowing us to have a 5-man premade team.  There are 2 map types, one is 5v5 and the other is 3v3.  I mainly play 5v5 as it is longer and more fun in my opinion.

I won’t bore you with my poor explanation of the game so if you want more information head on over to their website.

I have used and feel that I am competent with all the champions in the game (I get bored playing the same champ over and over) but I have been playing a LOT of Master Yi lately, and when I am not playing him I have been playing Garen.  You have to be pretty bad to not have at least a decent game with Garen.  There is not really a lot you can do wrong, I build him full tank build and most of the time I have the most kills on my team.  I also like to scream “Demacia” through TeamSpeak every time I get a kill or use his ulti.



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