Is F2P evil?

In short.  No.  Here are my thoughts why.

I am not a strong supporter of mmo titles going to a F2P model, I can see it going both ways.  It largely rests on how the individual companies implement it.  There are a lot of arguments in the community for and against going to the F2P model.

There have been notable successes with the model, LotRO and DDO have both become distictly more popular since transferring to the F2P model.  Whether this equates to more income, I do not know.  DDO has announced profit since going to F2P.

My personal opinion is that if it weren’t for LotRO (and DDO for that matter) going F2P, I would never have played them anywhere near as much as I have.  I have dropped money into the store in both games which I think is fair considering that I am having fun playing a game that they created.  It is only right to reward them in some way.

Now, consider this, the money that I dropped in their store would never have gone to them without the F2P model.  I am sure I am not the only one that has done this.  I have never lasted beyond the free time in either game when they were subscription based as I could not justify having yet another subscription on top of WoW and Eve Online.



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