No news is good news….right?

Not a lot of stuff to write about recently.  Every man and his dog has covered all the new Wow stuff that has come out.  Since there is no real news of note, I will just embellish on a few things that caught my attention.

World of Warcraft

  • My death knight in Wow is currently spec’d as 2-h frost (Mainly due to the fact that there are good 2-handers available at his level).  Boy does he do some damage now, I am doing some mega damage when killing machine comes up and I get a critting obliterate.  He is only level 67 at the moment, trying to level him to 80 by the time that Cataclysm comes out.
  • I am going to give up on my 80 Shaman.  I am just not feeling that any love is coming to this class.  I have play a shaman since launch and has been my first capped character in all iterations of the game (Vanilla, BC, Wrath).  Shaman of no matter what spec just seem to be crap.  They keep getting these radical changes (Ele shaman’s using lightning shield WTF!) so clearly even blizzard have no idea what to do with them either.  I think resto is pretty solid but I still prefer to heal as a druid or a priest.
  • I have been levelling a priest with some mates through instances, he is about level 46ish and his holy spec’d healing is very strong now.  I only ever run out of mana if we have some kind of disaster (huntards pulling other wandering packs, particularly in ZF).  Even if things go haywire, all that is required is a mana pot and I let my spirit based regen take care of the rest.  They have made it quite easy to heal the vanilla instances so far.  Going to try out discipline spec at some point to see how well that works with less than ample talent points.
  • My 71 mage is looking pretty lonely on a server all by himself.  Might bring him over to Khaz’Goroth at some point, he is quite fun to play.


  • The latest patch brought in a bunch of cool things.  Biomes are quite fun to deal with, I have a tree house built in a forest and an Ice Castle (built with snow blocks about 2 minutes walk away.  I have had a little play in the “Nether”.  I have died numerous times and lost a bunch of stuff in lava, speaking of lava I have fallen into some numerous times, one time in the same spot three times.  I had a base built down there with a minecart system but I deleted that would so I could try some new things (my world had biomes but because the chunks had already been loaded I had to walk a looooooong way to see any changes).
  • Had issues with one world I generated, found heaps of gold and coal but not a lot of iron and pretty much no diamond.  Deleted and re-generated, found diamond almost straight away.  Thats just the way minecraft rolls.

Eve Online

  • I haven’t played Eve for a long time, I have a great time in that game but I burn out pretty quickly.  I only have one real-life friend that plays it and he also doesn’t play it that often either.
  • There was a massive battle in Eve the other week.  There are plenty more bloggers better at explaining this than me.  Ardwulf did 2 posts here and here.  Syncaine also did a post here.  I think that it is fantastic that a ‘niche’ title can boast such a tremendous achievement.  Props to the team over at CCP for building such a stable and fantastically diverse game.

The game that is taking up most of my time recently is League of Legends.  I am well and truly hooked on this game.  I will make a post about it in the next few days.



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